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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Customer Service has gone in the SH!tt@r!

My tale of the most horrible example of customer service to date.

Where: Target :(I know right- I freakin' LOVE Target
CSR: Bernice (I'm not joking. She was in her 70's for sure)

The Scenario:
I am placing my items on the belt and nicely removing the hangers. The cashier gives me a smile and then that smile instantly converts to a sneer. SHE is giving me the look as I pull a few more items out of my reusable shopping bag. I hand her the bag. The bag in which I am hoping she will place my items. She takes it and croaks, "How many items do you have?"

"Excuse me??" I look around to make sure she's talking to me and there is no one in line behind me. "Uh, I guess I didn't count them up. Is there a problem?"

"This is the express lane and you are to have 10 items or less."

Now, at this point she's rung up half my order and she's actively ringing the rest in right now.

"Would you like me to COUNT the items?" I ask her slowly in disbelief. Now I'M giving her the look.

As this dialog is happening I become aware of the fact that she has double rung one of my items. I politely ask her, "Did that ring in twice Ma'am?"

She feed the tape and then nods. I politely ask, "Could you take that second one off as I've only purchased one"

This is when I notice that she has tossed my reusable bag up on the counter next to the penpad and is placing my items in a regular plastic bag.

She tells me the total. I pay. I take my items from the plastic bag and place them in the reusable one myself. I then hand her the empty plastic bag and she proceeds to THROW IT AWAY IN THE TRASH!! And so, what really was the point of that??!!??!

I walk out the store feeling shamed for maybe getting in line with MORE than 10 items and Bernice was not very nice to me. As I drive home I am getting more and more upset about the situation and how I've been treated. It's not like I was holding anyone up if I had 12 items. I was the only person in her line. Ughhh. I get  home and come inside to put away my purchases.

I find the receipt. I check to see just how many items I had.


I was wrong. I got in a lane and I was over the limit. No......wait a minute.......

The bitch never took the double scanned item off EVEN AFTER I BROUGHT IT TO HER ATTENTION. And, then she scolded me for having too many items for her line. She didn't pack my items in the bag I provided her with and she THREW AWAY the bag I gave back to her.

Bernice was not a nice lady.

I called to ask them to return the double scanned item price to my credit card and mentioned to them what a witch Bernice was being to me; scolding and what not. The manager said, "Oh, no problem, just come back in the store and we'll put the money back on your card."

EXCUSE ME???? I will not be coming back to your store anytime soon. YOUR MISTAKE. Fix it.

And he did.

I banned Target for nearly a month after this incident. It wasn't their first ban and definitely won't be the last.

Tell me in the comments about YOUR best example of the WORST customer service EVER.

And Bernice, I don't like you. You're mean :* (That's me spitting at her)

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