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Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can't Let Go

Raindrops on roses are mere child's play compared to my list of favorite things. I have come to realize that in my everyday life there are THINGS that I treasure beyond words, but only ever realize their amazing value if they go missing or GOD FORBID become lost forever. I figured since I just told you all what a crazy shopper I used to be that I'd share some things that ended up lasting me thru the long haul because they ROCK. I'm going to go with my top 5 things. I'm sure I could come up with 100 or more, but we'll keep it short for today. Here's my list:

1. My Blanket
Mine is micro fleece. It's a double sized one in this ugly grayish sage color. I can't live without it. It is very much like my actual childhood "blankie". When I was 4 years old and my brother was watching me while my parents were at some Chamber of Commerce meeting. My blankie was no where to be found. Troy called Mom and Dad and had them paged in the middle of the meeting. My Mom came to the phone. Troy said, "We can't find Kara's blanket and she says she's gonna die without it." Well, it turns out it was in the drier from it's weekly washing. Thank GOD since I very well could have died.

2. My Chef'n Peeler
If you don't know what this is, study the picture carefully. Remember it and take that memory to the kitchen gadget isle of your nearest Target. Buy one. Holy crap. Whoever thought up this thing definitely had my apple addiction in mind. It wraps around your middle finger and peels anything you can hold in your other hand licktysplit. This is the part where I shamefully tell you that I eat nearly 3 apples a day (usually caked with peanutbutter) I cannot always afford organic apples so removing the peel is the safest I can get with a conventional one.

3. My Black North Face Denali Jacket
One word: AWESOME. This was especially great in Colorado since the weather there changes so quickly. This is a perfect Fall, Mild winter, Cold Spring, Camping, Biking anything Jacket. It looks like something straight out of the trailer by now (it's close to 8 or 9 years old) PS if you want one, don't plan on finding it on sale. I got mine 20% off back in 2003 when I joined REI and got a 20% off one regular priced item. I scoured the earth looking for that jacket on sale. Never found it.

4. My OXO Dish Brush
I use it like 100 times a day. it has an awesome little soap dispenser right inside. You have to water the soap down a little bit, but it's amazing. Maneuverable and the brush part comes off so you can run it thru the dishwasher every once in a while, but you can also buy replacement brushes. They come in a two pack. We got ours at Bed Bath and Beyond. I sometimes break out in song whilst scrubbing, "I'd like to buy the world an OXO" Who wouldn't LOVE this thing?

5. My Dansko Clogs
For those of you that have not hit your motherly, I think I'm eccentric, practical, slip on and go stage, it's coming. These clogs are the gold that I store in the coat closet. Just today when I took Jack to the inflatables crazy kids place to bounce around I had to remove my shoes, but I did not let my shoes out of sight. I own the mahogany pair shown here and another camel colored pair that are Mary Jane's. LOVE THESE SHOES. Whatever you are wearing, they go. Even really cute with skirts and tights.

Just scrolling thru and seeing the pictures here of all my favorite things gives me a happy, warm feeling all over.
Now, you leave me a comment and let me know a few things on your list that you just could not go on a minute longer in life without. I'm anxious to hear. :)

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