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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Homage to my Hair

I was assigned in a college writing class, a poem, to be entitled "Homage to my _____________" and then fill in your worst and most painful physical attribute according to YOU. You were required to speak of your ASS or Belly or Great Big NOSE lovingly. Here is my finished product. A Homage to my Hair.

Homage to my Hair
This hair represents my growth
It tells me everyday that I am alive
My Bleached Butch Cut
It’s short 
My hair doesn’t get in my way, It tucks nicely under a baseball cap
It stays back and doesn’t waste my time
It’s not tangled or knotted
it’s smooth and has limits
Hair that doesn’t need to be tied down
Hair that doesn’t tie me  down
Hair that lets me dance, dream, and be who I am
not who I look like
It’s strawberry hair
It is noticed hair
It’s hair that knows it can be beautiful hair
But chooses to be different hair
 It’s hair that has taken the risk
And only has room to grow.

HS Graduation Pic

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