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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I lack...

What I lack…… the ability to Shut the FREAK up!

In an attempt to curb this terrible habit I am limiting this post to 150 words. HA!

One of my FB friends recently posted something to the effect of, “Sometimes keeping your mouth shut accomplishes more than running it.” And here’s how I know I have a problem, I immediately wanted to comment.

Why do I always have to put in my two cents? And, why can’t I ever just put in my two cents instead of my entire 50 STATES coin collection, Philadelphia and Denver Mint?

 As a Shutterfly guru, I was asked a few weeks ago to do a VIDEO GENIE blurb on a photo book that I created on Shutterfly. I had only 30 seconds. “OMG, that can’t be for real!” I thought initially. I scripted it and rehearsed and rerecorded it like SERIOUSLY 50 times. It turned out okay, but I think as a Speech Therapist, I find value in complete expression of feelings and thoughts using speech.

Just like any other obsessive compulsive activity, if even once in a while you are rewarded by BLABBERING you will naturally seek to be rewarded again by running your mouth. So, I must also go back and examine the times that were detrimental. The times when if I’d kept my mouth shut, I’d have ended up a lot better off.

I love comments. Let me know a situation in which LESS was MORE when it came to putting in your two cents.

Oh BTW, if you are counting the words- SHAME ON YOU....... (and also, how many were there?)

A prompt from MAMA KAT.

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  1. Oh gawd girl, I've had a lot of fun watching that mouth flap! What entertainment. :) I fear I also have my moments when people wanna tell me to shut the fuck up. I know my mom thinks it all the time. She falls asleep on me.

  2. Funny post! Sometimes it's just too HARD to keep my mouth shut! I have two cents about everything, too!

  3. Oh, I have the same problem! I NEVER SHUT UP!

  4. Love this, even though I tend to be the opposite way...I keep it all on the inside, and then WRITE like a maniac! LOL

  5. i talk too much all the my head i am thinking shut up but the words keep coming. it is a cruse and blessing.

    love the photo....perfectly funny post and you did very well...i didn't count but was tempted ;)

  6. Too funny! I am just to darn opinionated for my own good. MOstly I can keep it to myself. Unless provoked....umm.... I mean asked. And if accused or slandered, well, watch out here she spews!

  7. Hilarious. I always end up talking to much. As a teacher this sometimes comes in handy but I never shut up either lol.