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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We all BAWL for Ice Cream

A writing prompt from 

There is a topic in our house which is extremely emotionally charged. At first, I thought that I would go with the “10 things not to ask your spouse” prompt but in compiling my list I found myself perseverating on this topic. Here is my draft of the list;

  1. “Have you seen the Ice Cream Scoop?” –Valid question as we have just one. I have tried to tell my husband repeatedly that if he must remove the Ice Cream Scoop from the dishwasher and wash it by hand in order to serve himself up another bowl because the dishwasher has not run since the last time he ate Ice Cream, he may have a problem.
  2. “Did you pick up Ice Cream at the store?” to which I generally respond, “Was it on the list?” to which he retorts, “It’s a standing order, honey!”
  3. “Did you eat all the Ice Cream?” Let me preface this explanation by letting you know that I  am not the one who asks this question and also, I  am not generally the guilty party. He sleepeats!
  4. “Honey….?”  as I’m typing this list, “… should Ice Cream be capitalized?”  I didn’t really wait for a response….. it’s a proper noun. It’s the first and last name of a famous frozen confection. Good enough for me. 
You kinda gettin' the point? Well....

... as I skimmed the rest of the prompts I stopped dead in my tracks. What was the last thing my child cried about? Oh, GAWD!! We’ve created a 2 year old monster. Wanna know what it was?

Ice Cream. 
Capital ICE. Capital CREAM

Our child is just as obsessed as we are. So, rather than write in his perspective, here’s a 2 minute glimpse of the half hour melt down (littered with delirious giggling, creating some large holes in his "SAD" act) that we encountered when the Ice Cream was GONE! 


  1. 1. You all need to join Ice Creamaholics Anonymous

    2. Your child would make a good actor.

  2. We love ice cream too. At my house it is the late night snacker that finishes it.

  3. OMG!!! Poor baby... I would cry too inf my ice cream was all gone :-(

  4. The girls adore ice cream. They believe it's a standing order too. Whether Daddy or I go to the store --ice cream is just expected. And now they've gotten the boy involved. At 2 he is a professional get it before it runs down your arm licker.

    And seriously...wouldn't you cry too? LOL!

  5. Oh how funny! Love it! Oh, Kara, we have expanded, we have. Hot wheels and particularly Hot Wheels monster trucks have now become the obsession!