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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The time I didn't pass in the passing lane

Driving home from DIA in July on I-25 just 5 miles North of Castle Rock or so. I am in my Honda Civic.Let's just, as a side note here mention that although I've been driving a stick for nearly 15 years I tend to forget about down shifting to increase my speed in order to pass other cars. Okay, that being said I am driving in an area where A) the elevation is kicking my car's ass, B)there are like a million hills that are also kicking my car's ass and C) the afore mentioned spacing of the down shift to increase speed and pass is kicking my car's ass.

I pull out to pass this rover cuz I'm headed downhill and I'm easily going 4-6 mph faster than her when I pull up from behind. So I'm coasting past and we start heading uphill. Shit, so I start to kind of chug cuz I'm in 5th gear. I'm keeping neck and neck with her though. Because I've now failed to realize that this is when I should downshift and just get around her, I continue to just cruise along right beside her. Well, this pisses off the guy behind me cuz he's obviously in the passing lane to PASS. He flashes me and I'm starting to sweat. I get really nervous on the road when people are on my tail. Anyway, I've got my gas pedal floored (in 5th gear) and I can't go any faster. I try to slow down a bit, but the guy is right up my tailpipe, so I just pray for another hill and wait. Terrible! I start loosing ground to the rover and the guy behind me is not letting up. He brights me AGAIN. K, so now I'm getting more than nervous. He's, frankly, pissing me off.

I slam on my breaks, throw my hands up in the air in a huge shrug to say, "What on God's Green Earth would you like me to do with you shoved up my butt?" and then I just go right ahead and flip him the bird.

Just about then, the red and blue strobes fire up on his dash.

Seriously? I just flipped a cop the bird. Shit.

So I pull over and I am steaming. He walks up to the car. Here's what he says,"That is what we call Road Rage and in Colorado, it's a big problem".

I'm shooting the guy daggers and all I say is, "You were on my ass, you wouldn't give me a break. That's all the faster my car would go. What the Cripe (only I didn't say Cripe) did you want me to do?

I think he actually felt bad for me. He did also mention that when driving a 10 year old 5 speed Civic "'round these parts" it would be beneficial to DOWN SHIFT to pass.
I thanked him and said I'd try to remember that. Good Day. Good Day.

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  1. Very cool, Kara! I miss your fiesty attutude!