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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't We All Just Want a Good Friend?

Uh huh, that's me, out at restaurant with a friend having dinner sans a screaming toddler. What fun, indeed! It seems it's been just a week or two since the last time I felt this same......utter.....can't. quite. put. my. finger. on. it. ........feeling. Ah yes, liberation. Quiet chats with good friends can change your life. But, good friends are chance happenings when you are in fact a military spouse.

It seems that in every life I've lived here and there I've had at least ONE GREAT friend that was the yin to my yang. The great part about moving all over God's green earth for my husband's job is that I get the opportunity to meet so many amazing women. The awful part about it is that our time is usually limited. Although I believe that friends can be close over the distance and time, it is very difficult to do in actuality.

All that being said I'd like to give a shout out to each of my dear friends from each of my many strange and beautiful lives I've lived already.

I love my friend Jill. We spent our days together as stupid elementary school troublemakers. She let me be the Kara B. that I was no matter what. She had other friends that looked down on me because our family didn't have a lot of money, but she never let that get in the way of our friendship and she never treated me like I was second class. I will never forget how she just let me pretend that everything was normal on the night my Dad died. I stayed at her house for a sleep over.  I was a wreck, but somehow in her own subtle 12 year old wisdom, she was just there to help me feel like the whole world wasn't ending.

I love my friends Krista and Shelley. No Duhhh.....Middle School!  We were seldom together as the 3 Musketeers that most thought we were. In fact, most of our friendship was based on the presumption that we'd be getting together (just myself and one of the afore mentioned) to wrongfully judge, criticize and further humiliate the missing party. To tell you the truth, this weird "friendship triangle" taught me more about life than any other I've since had.

I love my friend Aric. Nothing sums up my High School experience better than eating 2 bean burritos on Taco Tuesday, then jumping on his trampoline while he professed his love for me. He taught me that life is REALLY complicated, but never too much for any one person to deal with.

I love my friend Julie. Julie and I were counselors together one "summer from hell" at camp. She is THE most captivating person I've met in my life. Every time I have a conversation with this girl I learn 15 new things about myself. She's bright, beautiful and amazingly faithful. I respect her. Someone once told me that if a woman lives her life in such a way that you admire and hope to emulate that you should tell her. I'm not sure if I have, but hey, that's what this post is about right. I think you are amazing Julie. Love you girl!

I love my friend Annie. She's too much like me so I shouldn't go into too much detail lest I give away my own secrets. We were friends before we knew that she worked with my boyfriend. He wound up being a total loser. We're still friends. She's hardcore, but usually what I need. Logical, sometimes seems emotionally detached, but if you hang around her for more than a minute to get to know her you'll realize that she's got a enormous heart. She helped me remember that I am still Kara B. with or without anyone else.

I love my friend Amanda hug n kiss. College friends and roommates. She wandered the streets of Vermillion with me in a drunken stupor, ate countless slices of R Pizza together at bar time.  She taught me about why hydrogenated oils suck. She stuck by me thru my terribly flawed but perpetual, nightmare relationship with WURM. And, now, we share the bond of motherhood.

I love my friend Beth. We met in college. She showed up in my routine and then found her way into my heart. She was there beside me at Carey's while I sipped my gin martinis. Never judged. Always smiling.  She's just that wonderfully perfect example of a midwestern, home grown girl. I always admired her innocence. On the night she got married, I told her husband, "Beth still thinks that the world is flat...... and don't you dare tell her it's round." Well, I think that reality finally did catch up, but she's remained a kindred spirit and I miss her terribly. We too, are mothers together in this life.

I love my friend Kristy. Spending time with her is a trip and it's a little bit different every time. Late night escapades, bar hopping, DANCING, divulging deep dark secrets or an afternoon of venting on the couch which sometimes resembles a helpful therapy session with snacks (and by snacks I mean wine). She's just another amazing woman along for the ride. What luck, I tell you, to have met her. A lifetime friend I can just about guarantee.

I love my friend Suzi. Talk about an absolutely insane yet brilliant and somewhat scattered soul. LOVE THIS WOMAN. She is my SEESTER. She cared for me when my husband was deployed for 15 months. We commiserated in our employment. She taught me to quilt. The time went too fast. I just wish we could have been next door neighbors our whole lives.

I am anxious to get to know my new friend Krista. Let me tell you that it is a little intimidating what a brilliant young woman I've found her to be. Still, I know that she and I are like minded. Obsessive and maybe a little high strung. I agree that you'll never find either of us relaxing and enjoying a newspaper article on the couch some Sunday afternoon. We too, will be mothers together, although she's not quite totally taken this in as reality. She seems a bit unsure, but I haven't a single doubt about the amazing mother she'll be to her son.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Worst Christmas Gift EVER

Double dippin' in Mama Kat's Writing Prompts.

I just have to say to all those out there, " Sending a generic Christmas card (regardless of however pretty and glittery and shimmery it is) with a signature is absolutely worthless." If you are sending it to me, please just save your 44 cents on the stamp. I want a picture or a letter of updates and happenings. 

There, I've said my peace.

Mama's Losin' It

Saturday, December 11, 2010

5 Silly Monkeys

For my first entry in FOTO FRIDAY

Household6Diva FotoFriday

I am going to put up my latest dinking on Photoshop Elements. I am obviously just a hobby photographer, but I made a book on Shutterfly for my son about the Five Silly Monkeys. I used a pic of his bed and all his special monkeys. I'm excited to see him open the book for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enchanted (A Picture Story of a South Dakota Christmas)

Christmas in South Dakota

Summer days fade, I wake to a chilly fall dawn
 I dig out my warm sweaters and pull them all on.

In rows of brittle stalks, we spy bright orange vests.

Bird dogs stir pheasants up out of their nests.

My mind enters a place  ‘round about now each year. 
I can’t help but to think of the season I hold dear.

The holiday music starts playing in shops. 
Green, red and gold adorns the rooftops.

 I find it hard to collect every memory and reason, 
just an overwhelming love of the whole Christmas season.

December the 7th is special for me. 
It’s the day we go out and chop down our own tree.

We can wander for hours to pick one that’s just right. 
Then Daddy cuts it down and ties it up tight.

Hoists it up on the roof of our family car 
while we pile in the backseat like pickles in a jar. 

Once at home, disembarked we dash for the cellar
 retrieving our sockings and all last year’s treasure.

We bring in the tree and wrap it with lights,
 it’s the first of so many of our warm glowing nights.

 There is cake and ice cream and we all sing along,
 “Happy Birthday, Daddy” is our family song.

As each ornament’s unpacked there’s a memory to impart
 of who made it, or gave it, each small piece of art.

Wow what a mess, what a beautiful display
 is our Christmas tree laden with candy, glitter and clay.

When every small piece of Christmas is settled
 there is one last job to be done. 

Dad lifts me up to put on the star 
because I am the youngest one.

From then on there’s the baking
 and home-made gift making. 

The smells and the tastes
 and the hours we waste.

 Laughing in the kitchen over cocoa and snacks,
 scaling the roof tangled light strings and tacks.

Christmas Eve is upon us, dressed in holiday fare 
we scuttle through snow in the winter night air.

 At the church we give praises to the new baby King
 while the candle light twinkles and everyone sings.

Silent Night, Holy Night it’s the time honored song.
 Eyes are damp, hands are held as we all sing along.

Back at home is the smell of warm milk and butter,
in which oysters are dropped by the dozen and smothered. 

Tiny crackers and pepper flecks rise up top all afloat,
 just the thought of that stuff tightens up my small throat.

And the opening of presents came with one stipulation,
 eat the soup, choke it down with much anticipation.

Then all huddled and waiting Mom stalls and Dad tries
 to deflect all the impatient whines and cries.

We read, “The Night Before Christmas” and “Rudolph” and such
but there’s nothing that quiets us all quite as much
 as the story of Jesus born here on the earth
 and the angels proclaiming his heavenly birth.
 Once again, I’m the youngest which means I’m the first
 to tear in to the present which taunts me the worst.

The big one awkwardly covered with Santa Claus wrap
 or the tiny square box Mommy placed in my lap?

One by one they’re ripped open and the chaos ensues,
 “Hold it up, oh, how cute, that one’s perfect for you.”

Exhaustion and pleasure send us upstairs to bed.
Stockings hung, carols sung, evening prayers are all said.
 And the part I like most on that last night before
 is the peace and the quiet that creeps ‘cross the floor.

 It cushions our home like the snow does the streets.
 We drift of to sleep under down and warm sheets.

From our beds to the hearth is our path at first light,
There our stockings all hang full of goodies packed tight.

And the rest of the day and the week for that matter
 are spent lazing and playing while our bellies get fatter.

As our vacation from the world slowly slips through our fingers
the love and sweet memory of home often lingers.

As a child or a mother or grandmother too
 I reflect on the season with something that’s new.

A new recipe, ornament, child or song
but the greatest gift that I know has been there all along.

Keep Christ in our home, in our days passed together,
keep Christ in this holiday for now and forever.

Mama's Losin' ItEnchanted

Monday, November 22, 2010


moonlit soak submerged
water beads his birthday scar
drip pitocin drip

Mama's Losin' It

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shutterfly ROCKS!!!

I can't say enough great things about Shutterfly. They are one of the few online businesses in which I am totally confident. I have always been 100% satisfied with everything I've ordered from them. They also have WONDERFUL offers out there all the time.

Target gives $20 giftcards to Shutterfly when you do your baby registry there.

Last year I hosted a House Party and got like 20 free 8X8 books for free to share with friends. For the party I designed a book called Celebrate Life. I was contacted recently with an offer for Shutterfly credit to use some of Jack's pics on their site for advertising and promotion. Of course I agreed, so look for my handsome man soon on some of their products. :)

They are constantly sending me promo deals via emails and most are fantastic, like free books or cards. Others are percentages off.

Also, their FB page is chalked full of deals and codes for trials and savings

Lastly,'s Gifts 2 Grow program offers tons of shutterfly items including birth announcements, collages and both 12X12 and 8X8 hardcover books. (This is how I paid for some of the book I'm sharing) Plus, on the 29th of October I just got a code emailed to me from Pampers for a free 7X9 photobook with no strings attached.

Now, you usually have to pay shipping for these free items, but c'mon it's totally worth it and if you buy other stuff that totals $30 or more then they ship your whole order for free if you just enter code (SHIP30) in your special offers field.

In the window below you'll find MY BABY!! This 12X12 book that I am sharing is the whole first year of Jack's life. Shutterfly is doing a promotion in which I will (hopefully) receive a $25 credit for sharing my book in the blog.* What better book to share than Jack? I hope you enjoy.

Also, stop by and check out their holiday cards. Get 5 free when you enter the code CCABIN5

* Here is the email to send your blog address if you'd like to share a book and get the $25 credit.

Jack Big Time

Click here to view this photo book larger

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coffee, Ma'am?!..........uhh, NO!

10 reasons why I do not drink coffee.

# 10 It smells awesome when you grind it. It smells awesome when you brew it. There are a million things you can add that make it SMELL AWESOME.....but ultimately when you taste's Coffee. :(

# 9 Do you know how much a vente mocha costs at SB? All I can think of is what that $4 could buy me at Cold Stone.

#8 If you've ever met me you know that I really don't need caffeine.

#7 OJ is easier to say than a vente, fat-free, halfcaf, mocha, soy, latte, frappa whatever (it is quite obvious that I'd eff it up in a big way were I ever in the situation of ordering it). When ordering it for my husband on rare occasions I have to rehearse it all the way up to the counter like the "Loaf uh bread, stick ah buttah, containah uh milk." girl on Sesame Street.

#6 Coffee Breath

#5 There's no need for a morning jolt. A toddler peeing all over the bathroom floor will wake you up pretty quickly. And on the rare occasion that he makes the potty, there's always the darting to the edge of the steps and wobbling to a halt that will make you're heart race just like a good cup of Joe.

#4 There are enough other things that I drink or eat, way too hot, in which to inflict that terribly unique feeling of having a burned tongue. 

#3 Coffee stains are hell.

#2 Chai Tea is very yummy

No Joe for me!
#1 Allergies :)

My 5 year old nephew once told me that he was allergic to bread. I was very interested in hearing about his experience because, I too, am very intolerant of wheat (I just can’t take it anymore….ughh) and so I asked him, “What happens when you eat it?”
His response, “I say Yuck!”
That’s a pretty serious allergic reaction. In fact, I think that may be the same one I have to coffee. So, I don’t just dislike it, but according my nephew the allergist, I am also allergic to coffee.

Mama's Losin' It

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why can't I breathe?

Staying at my sister's house this past weekend, I encountered a "situation".

After playing with our sons outside on a bright beautiful afternoon we'd enjoyed some tasty lunch and were winding down for a nap. It was Saturday afternoon at about 1PM. We heard the doorbell and we all stopped. It was like that scene in "A Christmas Story" when they knock to deliver the PRIZE. We all just looked at each other and stood perfectly still. I asked her "Do you want me to see who is there?". She motioned me over and whispered, "Just wait. We've had tons of kids in the neighborhood selling stuff lately and we've bought so much crap."

I crept toward the front door peering thru the glass panel just enough to catch a glimpse of a car. A FREAKING POLICE CAR. 

My entire body went numb. I gasped a bit to catch my breath and then I squeaked out......... "It's a cop car".

Everything slowed down.
She handed me her 3 month old son.

I looked down and him but was just aware enough of his precious little life that I made sure to hold him tight.
I had to sit down.
My mother shooed the kids from the door and tried to distract them from the commotion.
I felt like I could puke. My body shook.
She hadn't even opened the door.
As the glass pane of the storm door opened and the reflection of the officer shown clear as a bell she began to speak.

I didn't hear anything. My mind was speaking.
"This is how it happens" it said
"This is just how everything in your entire life changes"
He's gone
I began to weep and shake.
My mother came to me and said, "It's not anything. It's okay. Some sort of traffic citation or something"

I tried to tell this to my body. I tried to make it stop but I was sobbing even harder.

THIS........RIGHT what I had been prepared for (but dreading) the entire 15 months I was alone in that house. Pregnant, waking, reeling in pain, crying, waiting, passing time.

I had just forgotten it was a possibility until that moment.

He was safe. Life was preserved and yet the tears continued to stream.

I love my husband. God forbid there is ever a day that I should loose him.

Dear police officer:

Please call me if you have a question or would like to speak to me about something.

Unless someone is dead, do not come to my door. You have no idea what that means in my mind.


The wife of a soldier.

Mama's Losin' It

Writing prompt from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

"When you feared for a loved one's safety."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monkey See

Jack sound asleep on his MA-PWEEN blanket
My now 19 month old son has almost got me trained. This afternoon as I was folding laundry I came across his big "MaPween" blanket in the basket. I held it up and shook it straight to start folding it. He sees it across the room and runs over to grab it from my hands. I tug back on it hoping to finish folding it and place it out of his reach before he gets a good grip. Too late. He's grunting and leaning into it. That's when I hear him start to scream, "DAHHHHHHHH-P, DAHHHHHHH-P". It took me just a second to realize that my son was screaming the same command at me, his mother that we use when we want Bean to give us back the fetch. Drop, Drop. 

I had to explain to my little dear that "Drop, Drop" is something we only say to doggies. NOT PEOPLE and NOT MOMMIES!!
"Pee-Puh" he says. Pretty sure he doesn't get it.

Man, it's hard not to laugh when the things he says are so logical. Like I said, he's almost got me trained.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Customer Service has gone in the SH!tt@r!

My tale of the most horrible example of customer service to date.

Where: Target :(I know right- I freakin' LOVE Target
CSR: Bernice (I'm not joking. She was in her 70's for sure)

The Scenario:
I am placing my items on the belt and nicely removing the hangers. The cashier gives me a smile and then that smile instantly converts to a sneer. SHE is giving me the look as I pull a few more items out of my reusable shopping bag. I hand her the bag. The bag in which I am hoping she will place my items. She takes it and croaks, "How many items do you have?"

"Excuse me??" I look around to make sure she's talking to me and there is no one in line behind me. "Uh, I guess I didn't count them up. Is there a problem?"

"This is the express lane and you are to have 10 items or less."

Now, at this point she's rung up half my order and she's actively ringing the rest in right now.

"Would you like me to COUNT the items?" I ask her slowly in disbelief. Now I'M giving her the look.

As this dialog is happening I become aware of the fact that she has double rung one of my items. I politely ask her, "Did that ring in twice Ma'am?"

She feed the tape and then nods. I politely ask, "Could you take that second one off as I've only purchased one"

This is when I notice that she has tossed my reusable bag up on the counter next to the penpad and is placing my items in a regular plastic bag.

She tells me the total. I pay. I take my items from the plastic bag and place them in the reusable one myself. I then hand her the empty plastic bag and she proceeds to THROW IT AWAY IN THE TRASH!! And so, what really was the point of that??!!??!

I walk out the store feeling shamed for maybe getting in line with MORE than 10 items and Bernice was not very nice to me. As I drive home I am getting more and more upset about the situation and how I've been treated. It's not like I was holding anyone up if I had 12 items. I was the only person in her line. Ughhh. I get  home and come inside to put away my purchases.

I find the receipt. I check to see just how many items I had.


I was wrong. I got in a lane and I was over the limit. No......wait a minute.......

The bitch never took the double scanned item off EVEN AFTER I BROUGHT IT TO HER ATTENTION. And, then she scolded me for having too many items for her line. She didn't pack my items in the bag I provided her with and she THREW AWAY the bag I gave back to her.

Bernice was not a nice lady.

I called to ask them to return the double scanned item price to my credit card and mentioned to them what a witch Bernice was being to me; scolding and what not. The manager said, "Oh, no problem, just come back in the store and we'll put the money back on your card."

EXCUSE ME???? I will not be coming back to your store anytime soon. YOUR MISTAKE. Fix it.

And he did.

I banned Target for nearly a month after this incident. It wasn't their first ban and definitely won't be the last.

Tell me in the comments about YOUR best example of the WORST customer service EVER.

And Bernice, I don't like you. You're mean :* (That's me spitting at her)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OMG NO!!! Not my Stain Stick!

This is why people become hoarders!! Have you ever used a product on a daily basis that is AWESOME!!! This product could be shampoo or a certain type of garbage liner that fits JUST RIGHT.  Stay with me now. Maybe you've got something (very likely you do) that you LOVE and you know is now unavailable. It might be that discontinued fragrant candle that you burn on special occasions or any number of other things you ration because, once it's gone, it's all gone forever. 

In a world where you can go to the store and buy ANYTHING you want it seems absurd to stash a few bottles of lotion (okay 8) under the sink or load up on ZOTs at the swimming pool candy stand. You see, my friends you have just entered my world. A place where little in constant. 

I found out recently that the Stain Stick I know and love, has been discontinued. That's right. GONE. After trial and error throughout my college career and well into my homemaking run I have found that SPRAY N WASH stain stick is THE BOMB. Now, what will I do without it?

Lucky for me I have discovered that on I can still purchase a 5 pack of this stain stick for about $35. You may be thinking to yourself, "Is it good enough that it's worth $7 a pop?" And the answer to that question is, "HELL YES!"

So, my friends what have you loved and lost in the way of MOMMY products (whether personal or household use) and which do you love so much that the thought of losing them makes you CRINGE?

I wanna hear.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The time I broke my cat

When I was about 10 years old I had a bitchy cat named Heidi. She only loved me and that was a stretch. She was twitchy. She'd come up and rub against your leg and when you bent down to pet her she'd bite your hand.

The story starts on Saturday morning. This is back in the day of the GOOD old school Sat AM cartoons. I was headed downstairs hugging blanket and pillow out in front of me. I bent over and picked up the cat and stuffed her in the top of the wad. I continued down the steps. Near the bottom I tripped, tumbled and fell flat on my cat and blanket pile. On impact the cat screeched. She jumped up and ran into the other room to hide. I felt terrible since I thought I really might have hurt her, but she was too far under the couch for me to reach so I left her alone.

Later during the middle of Smurfs she slunk out from behind the couch and started to walk over to me. All of the sudden she hunched down, stuck her ass up in the air and started to yowl. I was terrified. I honestly thought that I had done internal damage to my cat and her organs. "She's going to die!" I thought to myself. "And it's all my fault". So, I run upstairs to tell my mother about the cats strange behavior hoping that she can diagnose her injury and possibly give some hope that she may recover.

I burst into the kitchen and scream, "I dropped Heidi while I was running down the stairs and I think I did something to her". I explained to my mom how the cat was acting. She listened intently (she's raised many a farm cat and has seen just about everything). As I finished I stared intently in her eyes. She held in a giggle and then let it go into a full on, almost snorting laugh, "I don't think that YOU made Heidi go into heat when you dropped her down the stairs!"

So, then we had to have the talk about cats in heat and you kind of see where this is going. I was just thrilled that I hadn't somehow broken her and she was going to live to be an old, decrepit, bitchy cat.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Maiden Name's Control Freak.......Should I Hyphenate?

My maiden name's Control Freak
I'm taking his name too
And this is what has caused my dilema
Oh, what's a girl to do? 

"Should I hyphenate?" I ask
It seems a simple thing
Yet Mrs. Control Freak- Procrastinator
just doesn't have that ring

His family is "normal"
He shrugs with open hand
Mine's the one whose lost it
Agreed, but let's expand

You're the oldest child
Been married just a while
You've got a brother and a sister
Neither been down the isle

Ah, now you see where this is going
We've got some years on you
A lot of crazy can happen
between 18 and 32

It's true you're just beginning
what you've so cleverly described
Your Bobsled Straight to Hell
Oh Love, Enjoy the Ride.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I’m not inviting my mother to read my blog…

Here is a flashback inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. The prompt being; Why I'm not inviting my mother (or mother-in-law) to read my blog.
The time I first went to Woodmen Valley Chapel

This should be an inspiring one right?
I get invited to a lingerie party at Eden. At this time, Eden was still fairly new and this was an invite only party. I figure I'll go and wear some sexy outfit that basically looks like a dress. No booby tassels or fishnets, wait- I did wear fishnets. Anyway, so I wear this hella tight little body sock thing that goes under a dress. It's all black and it covers everything that's important to cover. Breasts, belly, back, butt and came about 2 inches above my knees. Fairly conservative for a lingerie party if I say so myself.
Tyng and I at Eden's Lingerie Party
The party's fun, but gets boring and Eden is not a great fun place to dance (at least it wasn't at this time) We decide to go to Rum Bay. Now, Stop right there cuz I know what you're thinking. RUM BAY?? Seriously, but understand this was KARA B and at this time life revolved around 3 things; Gin Martinis, Dancing and Karaoke. C'mon people, Rum Bay has all these things, plus tons of crazy bastards to just watch and shake your head at.

So the decision was made. Rum Bay. My (so-called) friends were headed home to "change clothes" which I later learned meant, crash for the night and never come back. I didn't need to go home and change cuz I had brought my favorite black strappy dress to just put on over top of my underwear thing. I ended up at Rum Bay by myself, but I honestly barely noticed. When I got to the door, I asked the bouncer if I had to put my dress on to get in and he just kind of gave me this look like WTF? So, I was carrying my dress in one hand and cell phone in the other. My money and ID were stuffed in my fishnet stockings............Wow, never really realized how bad this story is until I sat down to type it out.
Singing "Piano Man"
I went straight to copy cats to sing Piano Man and Hurt So Good. While I was up singing I left my dress draped over the chair and disposable camera and phone on the table. When I came back from singing the second time, my effects had disappeared. I searched all over that bar (all 7 bars) looking for that dress and my phone. Every time I said it I got weirder and weirder looks. "Someone stole my dress and my phone" and then they just looked at me like, WTF?? So I just quit telling people.

I looked all over and finally gave up the search. I was outside Rum Bay crying when a group of people came up and asked me if I wanted them to pray with me. I was kind of like, Well......couldn't hurt. Maybe I can find my phone and dress through some divine intervention. We pray, I feel a little better. Still mad about the dress and then now that I'm feeling bad about those other things,I'm also feeling pretty bad about being out at the bar BY MYSELF without a phone or a ride. These nice praying people offer me a ride and I accept. The condition is that I go with them the next day to church and they will take me to my car afterward. I happily agree thinking they'll never come get me for church the next morning and I'll find a ride down here later.

Mama's Losin' ItThe next day I woke up, got ready and went to church. Dude was there on the dot to pick me up. That was the first Sunday that I ever went to Woodmen Valley Chapel. See THAT!?!? Sometimes you get drunk and robbed and end up crying in your underwear while weirdos just try to help you by saying a prayer for you and it's just like my Mother-in-Law says, "It always works out in the end." Pshhhhaaaat.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can't Let Go

Raindrops on roses are mere child's play compared to my list of favorite things. I have come to realize that in my everyday life there are THINGS that I treasure beyond words, but only ever realize their amazing value if they go missing or GOD FORBID become lost forever. I figured since I just told you all what a crazy shopper I used to be that I'd share some things that ended up lasting me thru the long haul because they ROCK. I'm going to go with my top 5 things. I'm sure I could come up with 100 or more, but we'll keep it short for today. Here's my list:

1. My Blanket
Mine is micro fleece. It's a double sized one in this ugly grayish sage color. I can't live without it. It is very much like my actual childhood "blankie". When I was 4 years old and my brother was watching me while my parents were at some Chamber of Commerce meeting. My blankie was no where to be found. Troy called Mom and Dad and had them paged in the middle of the meeting. My Mom came to the phone. Troy said, "We can't find Kara's blanket and she says she's gonna die without it." Well, it turns out it was in the drier from it's weekly washing. Thank GOD since I very well could have died.

2. My Chef'n Peeler
If you don't know what this is, study the picture carefully. Remember it and take that memory to the kitchen gadget isle of your nearest Target. Buy one. Holy crap. Whoever thought up this thing definitely had my apple addiction in mind. It wraps around your middle finger and peels anything you can hold in your other hand licktysplit. This is the part where I shamefully tell you that I eat nearly 3 apples a day (usually caked with peanutbutter) I cannot always afford organic apples so removing the peel is the safest I can get with a conventional one.

3. My Black North Face Denali Jacket
One word: AWESOME. This was especially great in Colorado since the weather there changes so quickly. This is a perfect Fall, Mild winter, Cold Spring, Camping, Biking anything Jacket. It looks like something straight out of the trailer by now (it's close to 8 or 9 years old) PS if you want one, don't plan on finding it on sale. I got mine 20% off back in 2003 when I joined REI and got a 20% off one regular priced item. I scoured the earth looking for that jacket on sale. Never found it.

4. My OXO Dish Brush
I use it like 100 times a day. it has an awesome little soap dispenser right inside. You have to water the soap down a little bit, but it's amazing. Maneuverable and the brush part comes off so you can run it thru the dishwasher every once in a while, but you can also buy replacement brushes. They come in a two pack. We got ours at Bed Bath and Beyond. I sometimes break out in song whilst scrubbing, "I'd like to buy the world an OXO" Who wouldn't LOVE this thing?

5. My Dansko Clogs
For those of you that have not hit your motherly, I think I'm eccentric, practical, slip on and go stage, it's coming. These clogs are the gold that I store in the coat closet. Just today when I took Jack to the inflatables crazy kids place to bounce around I had to remove my shoes, but I did not let my shoes out of sight. I own the mahogany pair shown here and another camel colored pair that are Mary Jane's. LOVE THESE SHOES. Whatever you are wearing, they go. Even really cute with skirts and tights.

Just scrolling thru and seeing the pictures here of all my favorite things gives me a happy, warm feeling all over.
Now, you leave me a comment and let me know a few things on your list that you just could not go on a minute longer in life without. I'm anxious to hear. :)