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Sunday, October 17, 2010

OMG NO!!! Not my Stain Stick!

This is why people become hoarders!! Have you ever used a product on a daily basis that is AWESOME!!! This product could be shampoo or a certain type of garbage liner that fits JUST RIGHT.  Stay with me now. Maybe you've got something (very likely you do) that you LOVE and you know is now unavailable. It might be that discontinued fragrant candle that you burn on special occasions or any number of other things you ration because, once it's gone, it's all gone forever. 

In a world where you can go to the store and buy ANYTHING you want it seems absurd to stash a few bottles of lotion (okay 8) under the sink or load up on ZOTs at the swimming pool candy stand. You see, my friends you have just entered my world. A place where little in constant. 

I found out recently that the Stain Stick I know and love, has been discontinued. That's right. GONE. After trial and error throughout my college career and well into my homemaking run I have found that SPRAY N WASH stain stick is THE BOMB. Now, what will I do without it?

Lucky for me I have discovered that on I can still purchase a 5 pack of this stain stick for about $35. You may be thinking to yourself, "Is it good enough that it's worth $7 a pop?" And the answer to that question is, "HELL YES!"

So, my friends what have you loved and lost in the way of MOMMY products (whether personal or household use) and which do you love so much that the thought of losing them makes you CRINGE?

I wanna hear.

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  1. That was my favorite stain stuff to use to...nothing else worked as well!