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Friday, February 5, 2010

The time I heard the Donna Lewis song, "I Love You Always Forever"

Living in Beade Hall in Vermillion, SD. My freshman year of college and I had a major crush on this guy named Kevin. He was a little like Conan O'Brian meets Kirk Cameron (Hey, be nice Growing Pains was a huge hit when I was growing up and I crushed on MIKE for years).

Lucky for me I knew a guy. One of my friends in the Mickleson part of the building lived on the same floor as Kevin. In fact, Kevin was the RA on the first floor. Needless to say I did a lot of visiting. Although Joe was probably crushed to hear it, I wasn't really ecstatic about spending that much time playing xbox with his football friends. The guy from Alabama with the moronic accent and his little packets of Cream of Wheat that he ate with salt on them like grits. Honestly, the things a girl will do to get to the one she thinks she can't live without.

On with the story. One night I am walking the hall looking for Joe. He's no where to be found. I knew, however that Kevin was on duty as RA that night so he was likely out and about. The halls were empty. I walked up one side and down the other looking for any sign of community and an open door where Joe may be hanging out. The place is like a ghost town. Finally I decide to just head back to my room when I hear that Donna Lewis song,"I LOVE YOU ALWAYS FOREVER" playing behind one of the doors nearby. Now, at this time I am totally in love with the song. I can't just go on itunes and download it for 99 cents, I'd have to buy the album in VERMILLION which was easily like $16.99. I didn't hear it often enough that I was bored of it yet so I wanted a free listen. I walked a few doors down tuning into the song trying to find which room it was coming from.

Yeah, "I love this song" I whisper to myself as I'm leaning in, pressing my ear against the door. I'm starting to think the walk down there was worth it just to hear the song. Then I'm feeling a grumbling in my belly. Well, let's be honest, it was more in my guts. I didn't really pay much attention to it because it was fairly normal around that time of night that I would have a little gas. Not a problem cuz there's no one around for like miles and they usually slip out slowly with little evidence detectable to passers by.

"BOO" someone screams and I jump like at least 3 feet in the air slamming my head against the door and falling slightly backward due to the jet blast that exuberantly exits my rear end. I turn around and to my horror, it's Kevin. His face is just as beet red as mine having witnessed the gas attack first hand. "Wow!" he says, "I must have really scared you"

"Yup", I mumble and start blurting about the song and just whatever I could think of to distract him. We then walked on his rounds for about half an hour just chatting. Nothing ever really developed with my love interest and I blame it all on cafeteria food, bad timing and that Donna Lewis song.

Tomorrow: How curiosity turned my cat red.

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